Amazon kindle paperwhite e-reader

A new generation of legendary Amazon kindle paperwhite e-reader

Amazon kindle paperwhite e-reader is the smart gadget for reading, where every element is optimized for comfortable reading. The design makes Amazon kindle paperwhite e-reader a special gadget for reading e-books. Enjoy reading your favorite books without distractions, such as email notifications and other messages.

Like the previous generation model, the Amazon kindle paperwhite e-reader has a screen in electronic E Ink Carta with a diagonal of 6 inches. At the same time pixel resolution is increased from 212 to 300 ppi. The new model has an improved ergonomics, autonomy, and also significantly redesigned the device’s screen. An exclusive Bookerly font provides faster reading with less eye stress.

You will read both day and night – there is a built-in adjustable light.
A single battery charge is enough for several weeks of reading. You can store thousands of books on your device. You will get unforgettable comfort and convenience in reading books.

Read like a real paper, there is no more eye strain! Kindle uses improved electronic ink and proprietary fonts to create a clear text, similar to what you see in the paper book.
The eye-friendly touchscreen makes reading books like ordinary paper. Because in addition to the enlarged diagonal, the new display uses an optimized technology for displaying fonts, which greatly increases the text resolution and reduces the eyes stress.

Thin and easy to work with one hand. The new Kindle is 11% thinner and lighter. It makes it easy and convenient to keep it in one hand.

No fleck even in bright sunlight. In contrast to the screens of most tablets and smartphones, the high contrast of the touchscreen eliminates fleck in any conditions, even under direct sunlight.

Enjoy your reading and give this great gift for pleasure to friends, loved ones and children

For adults. Your friends and loved ones will appreciate the excellent ergonomics, dimensions, and weight of the device. The gadget will not cause inconvenience and discomfort during long reading, and quality components and excellent autonomy will give pleasure for many years.

For children. Children will read books in a simple, fun and safe environment designed specifically for them using Kindle FreeTime.

Kindle supports children’s books with Kindle Text Pop-Up and Comics with Kindle Panel View.