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AiSam X3T Hifi Wireless Headphones

AiSam X3T Hifi Wireless Headphones were created by enthusiastic engineers and designers. They wanted to be sure that you receive the best quality and best-looking device. X3T have 4 different size earbuds are compatible with most IOS and Android, Samsung and Apple devices.

With these AiSam headphones, you can listen to your favorite music or answer your phone calls at home or at work. The special ergonomic design makes it possible to use headphones while cycling, jogging, vacuum cleaning or dancing. Don’t worry the earbuds won’t fall out of your ears.

Because AiSam X3Theadphones use the most advanced wireless technology you won’t get caught in wires and the powerful 85mAh lithium polymer battery will support you for up to 4.5 hours of continuous music or 6 hours talking time. You will be able to charge the headphones in less than 2 hours. And you will not lose your earbuds because there is a stylish and comfortable box for them. It will allow you to carry them in any bag and preserve from external impact.

Highest quality and acceptable price

AiSam headphones have a built-in Bluetooth CSR 4.2, CVC 6.0 noise reduction. This allows providing high-quality sound in any surroundings. No matter if you are traveling in a noisy underground, walking through the streets of a megapolis, working on the construction or sitting in the library. You will get high-quality sound and will enjoy the music of voice as if you are sitting at home on your sofa.

Wireless headphones AiSam X3T can be simultaneously connected to two devices. So one headphone can be used for one device and another for the second device. Share your joy with friends!

These earbuds can create special white noise to make you sleep in calm and peace.

If you worry about the lifetime of the headphones, you can get an endless warranty by following the producer in social media. Not bad, huh?