Airtight Food Containers Set

Organization can be challenging especially when it comes to kitchen. So many large and small necessities you need to figure out where to store. For instance, kitchenware, dishes, utensils, foodstuffs, everything should be in their place, otherwise you won’t be able to find anything. Wish your pantry get organized? Or looking for a useful gift for someone who is an organizing fan? Luckily, the Airtight food containers set aims to solve this task and more. Perfectly offers the double effect of functionality and nice looking.

Different sizes for various food

You’ll get a choice of 7 pieces in 4 different sizes for your dry goods: cereals and granola, pasta and spaghetti, rice and beans, sugar, flour and other baking supplies, nuts and snacks, grains and seeds, or anything you need.

Engineered to last

The Airtight food containers set supposed to meet your demands concerning a quality and a long lifespan. It won’t be a surprise if you can’t help yourself purchasing one more set! Unlike most airtight containers with lid levers, which can crack easily, an improved design of these containers provides high strength lid levers, which are break resistant.

Smart construction

Every container fits on top of each other. Such stackable modular design is super convenient for space saving. Above all, every lid matches every container, so you don’t have to search for the right size. Clear material makes it possible to find the content of the containers at a glance. Moreover, the set comes with 16 cute chalkboard labels plus marker, so you can add a description of the content. By the way, there is an option to wash the writing away in case you need to change a description.

The locking mechanism is easy to open and close. Airtight BPA-free silicone seals stand for keeping your food fresh and moth free for long.