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Bluetooth headphones AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

AfterShockz Trekz is not just another Bluetooth headphones – it’s a different technology of transferring sound to your auditory receptors. Normally, we plug headphones into our ears and the sound reaches our eardrums. AfterShokz Trekz let you listen to the music and talk on the phone while your ears stay open to the ambient sound.

Bone conduction Bluetooth headphones

People perceive sounds not only with through their eardrums but also through their bones. The so-called Bone technology doesn’t send sound to your eardrums. Instead, the micro vibrations transmit sound through the cheekbones directly into the inner ear.

While running or cycling, standard earplug headphones block most of the surrounding noise.  You may not hear a car coming from around the corner or a friend trying to catch your attention. AfterShockz let you listen to your favorite music or talk on the phone without isolating you from the world.

Comfort and situational awareness

Light and ergonomic construction of Aftershockz was designed with sports and active lifestyle in mind. Strong and flexible titanium headband for extended wear time: lightweight frame (36g) makes you forget you are wearing Aftershockz.

Excellent sound quality

PremiumPitch+ technology ensures excellent sound quality with a wide dynamic range and rich bass. The LeakSlayer ™ technology significantly reduces the natural sound dispersion. A built-in microphone doesn’t need to be attached to a collar or stay under your jacket. People on the other end will always hear you. In addition, a double noise-canceling feature removes ambient noise and improves the quality of every phone conversation.

Impenetrable and long life battery

IP55 certificate guarantees reliable protection against sweat, dust, and moisture. Adverse weather conditions won’t spoil the feelings while on the move. Li-ion battery provides up to six hours of non-stop music play + calls on one charge. Charging time – 2 hours. AfterShockz Trekz Titanium are compatible with all Bluetooth devices whether it’s Android, iOS or Windows. 

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