AeroGarden Herbie Activity Kit

Isn’t it a real magic when a small grain comes alive and turns into a plant? And what about such magic right in your apartment? Your kid will be amazed by AeroGarden Herbie Activity Kit! When a kid is watching a plant sprouts and then grows day by day, he experiences a real value of the life. In addition, indoor gardening is intended to teach a kid how to be responsible, to care of something alive. For sure, it won’t be boring! Education combined with fun – that’s a key to keep young gardener’s attention.

Key features

There is everything you need for indoor garden: organic basil and oregano seeds, plant food, a dropper, a measuring cup, grow domes, grow sponges, a dry erase marker, a tape. Hydroponic garden technology doesn’t require soil, so don’t worry about any mess at home.

All this time a kid follows instructions from the activity book, which comes with the kit. A child learns secrets of indoor gardening and hydroponics, goes through the different educational and fun experiments, entertaining activities and art projects.

Plant – Harvest – Party time

Entire process takes about 12 weeks. Machine is easy to operate. Kid ages 5 and up will manage to do it easily! First step is to plant the seeds. They will definitely sprout in the next few days. All you need is to check the water level, to make sure the LED grow light is turned on during a day and turned off in the night.

The end of a gardening adventure is a pizza party! Invite your friends to celebrate your gardening experience. You can find pizza recipe with a topping of homegrown herbs in the activity book. Try different food with fresh basil and oregano that you have grown by yourself: for instance, macaroni, ice cream, French fries and many more.

Kid and the whole family will get a lot of exciting moments with AeroGarden Herbie Activity Kit!