AcuRite Weather Station

Sometimes, it’s so important to know the information about the weather condition, especially if you plan to have a walk or go on a picnic. The data from the Internet and different mobile apps for weather forecast may be inaccurate. And here comes AcuRite’s Pro color weather station, the best device to predict the weather. With the station, you will always know the accurate information about the weather in your region and nothing will be able to crumb your plans. Besides, if you want to surprise the person on this Christmas Day, this station may be a good gift idea.

Predict the Weather Easily

The AcuRite’s forecast station will provide you with the data about the environmental conditions in your area.  The special sensor measures rain precipitations, the speed and direction of wind, temperature or humidity without mistakes and impracticalities. Also, it’s absolutely wireless and all that you need is just to install it in the yard. You will get an opportunity to see all the information on the color display.

Besides, there is a special technology, which doesn’t need manual calibration. It generates the forecast using the data provided by the sensor. Furthermore, there is a ticker on the display screen. It will inform you about the moon phase, conditions for comfortable indoor staying, etc. Also, you will have an opportunity to see the whole rainfall history and information about rain precipitation on the display. Besides, the forecast station can track the wind speed up to 99 MPH (159 KPH).

In addition, you can choose between three different lighting modes of the display screen. Though, you always can select auto dim mode. It means that the display will automatically set its brightness according to the current time.

Special 5-in-1 Sensor

The AcuRite Company designed their special sensor with a solar panel. It powers a special internal fan, which is used to give accurate information about the temperature. Also, the large wind vane will provide you with the data about the slightest changes in wind direction. Furthermore, the sensor is wireless, stiffly accurate and you won’t have any problems with its installation. Although take into account, that it works only at the temperatures down to -40 F.

As you can see this weather station is a real treasure for people, who want to know what to expect from the weather. With this reliable device, you won’t be caught off-balance by the bad weather.

This weather station can be an awesome gift for your son if he is interested in tech and engineering. Or you can give him a Bushnell Legend L-Series Binoculars if he likes to watch the birds and animals instead of nature.