ABOX Lamination Machine

ABOX Lamination Machine is a practical gift for a person who meets paperwork every day. It is also a good idea for parents with school-age children, teachers, students. And, of course, the laminator is always an excellent gift for a person who wants to save memories via photographs.

Advantages of ABOX Lamination Machine

3 functions in 1 machine

ABOX Lamination Machine is a perfect blend of most needed functions both for home, school, and office. This gadget combines different useful machines in one: lamination device, rotary paper cutter, and corner rounder. So, it makes crafting work amazingly easy and comfortable. The uncommon cutter with locking system allows cutting about 50mil (approximately eight A3 leaves) at once.

Cold and hot lamination modes

If you need to keep some delicate materials, ABOX Lamination Machine would be one of the best solutions. The double roller form and both hot and cold lamination modes give strength to your photographs and documents with a wondrous speed of 250mm in a minute. Due to the cold lamination system, you can achieve results of quality with a smooth finish. This will be especially useful for heat-sensitive materials.

High-quality lamination

ABOX Lamination Machine has a heating system, which promotes anti-bubble result. Thanks to the pure aluminum pipe, this machine offers a high-quality lamination without crinkling, blistering and curling. It also supports a fast heating time of the laminating materials (about 3-5 minutes).

Suitable for different paper sizes

ABOX Lamination Machine incredible does the job on different materials: postcards, photos, printed pictures, business cards, posters, and so on. This device works with maximum lamination width of 330mm and allows papers with more sizes to be covered.

ABOX Lamination Machine comes with a set of 16 thermal laminating pouches. Inside the box, you can find supplies for different paper sizes: 12 x 18 inches, 9 x11.4 inches, 9 x 14.5 inches, 3.5 x 5.3 inches.

Fast warm-up

It only takes three minutes to heat up the ABOX Lamination Machine. Therefore, you will not have to waste your time for long waiting. Also, Lamination Machine by ABOX is equipped with the system to avoid jammed paper. If a material is not inserted right, just press the ABS button to pause and fix paper in seconds.

Security lock for kids protection

ABOX Lamination Machine is made with protection in mind. Unlike other lamination machines in the market, this gadget features with a security lock to prevent skin damages. The design with lock ensures the cutter will be fixed as long as the lamination machine is not working.