50 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love

One of the best ways to spend time with your child is to cook together. A small chef will have fun, learn to appreciate the food, try new flavors. Besides, it is a great way to develop fine motor skills. The idea of co-cooking with the child may seem frightening at first sight: the child only spreads the dirt in the kitchen. You really are waiting for the problem, if you take up the difficult dishes. But all the recipes in this book are adapted even for the little ones — there is no place for sharp knives and raw meat, and the child needs to perform only simple actions: pour, mix and sculpt.

What is great about 50 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love?

It is not an ordinary cookbook! All recipes can be easily prepared by a child. Though recipes are interesting, but also quite simple. They involve the use of available products and, importantly, are based on the simple unit of measure. And, of course, step by step instructions are provided. Detailed step-by-step explanation of simple recipes, which are accompanied by beautiful illustrations will help a very young chef to show her creativity and direct her energy in a useful direction!
Turn cooking into a creative activity!

If you give this book to your child as a gift, you will make the holiday more memorable!

Here are the dishes the child will learn to cook according to this book:

  • Bursting with Blueberry Muffins,
  • Zombie Zucchini Bread,
  • Peachy Keen Crumble.

And 47 other exciting and simple dishes!

This book has additional accessories:

  • bonus bag stickers,
  • pop-out gift tags,
  • bake sale signs.

For whom this book:

  • all lovers of good food from 8 years and older.
  • parents who want to teach their children independence.
  • children who want to make happy their parents and friends with delicious dishes.
  • dreamers whose want to try something tasty, simple and unusual.
  • parents who want to spend time with their children.

The book “50 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love” is the best and useful way to spend time in the kitchen with children!

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