3D Wooden Cube Puzzle

Do you enjoy thoughtful gifts? Are you on the hunt for a gift for brain puzzles lover? Pay your particular attention to this 3D wooden cube puzzle by ‘Sharp Brain Zone’. Future gift’s owner definitely won’t mind something new to try out! It will be an excellent brain challenge to occupy him or her for hours. Appropriate for teens and adults. Moreover, even children have a chance to exercise their intelligence. Perfect as a gift for relatives, friends, and co-workers. Get ready they can’t stop their selves until they will figure out with this. Intrigue guaranteed! In addition, neat package makes the jigsaw puzzle double awesome gift choice. Any gift giving occasion is nice.

What is the 3D wooden cube puzzle in essence?

Designed on the principle of Tetris, but in three-dimensional space. It contains 54 T-shape pieces. The goal is to put them together. Keep in mind there is one solution to solve the puzzle. It becomes much easier after getting the sequence. However, it takes time to get to that point. By the way, you can find some hints in the instruction included.

What are the key features of this brain teaser?

Sturdy wooden construction provides its durability. Among other things, great for home and while traveling. Small edition makes it a portable travel toy. Compact puzzle box is convenient to take everywhere with you.

Teens, students, and adults mental game

This clever game turns out to be helpful as educational toy and outstanding mental skills builder for teens and students. It develops problem solving ability, spatial thinking, and creativity as well. The puzzle block toy has every chance to take the attention of young people off devices and video games. That’s the tool to keep them focused for a while. Adults find this puzzle relaxing and stress relieving.