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321 STRONG Foam roller

Stiff back muscles after a day in the office are often the reason why we are so passive in the evenings. Most office workers suffer from reoccurring back and neck pains. Sitting straight all day is hard, plus you need to stare at the computer for hours. If people could do massage to themselves, we would probably stay productive at work and ready for more activities once back home. Going to a masseur every day is not an option for most of us: it’s expensive and makes you commute more. Foam roller might be a permanent solution for your back muscles.

Massage Foam Roller features

You may have seen this product in sports equipment supermarkets, but never really paid much attention to it. 321 STRONG roller is made of 100% EVA foam. Most standard rollers have a hollow core, while 321 Strong is full inside and will resist up to 500lb (227 kg) weight. Its solid core won’t ever crack or lose its shape after years of a daily use.  The compact sizes of the roller (5.4 x 5.3 x 12.7 inches) and lightweight (1 pound) allow you to enjoy a proper recovering massage when away from home.

The outer medium density part uses a patented technology designed to deliver a therapeutic level of treatment. 3 different massage zones have projections that replicate finger, thumb, and palm. Just as if a professional therapist was using his own hands to remove stiffness and soreness of your muscles. Exercises with massage roller increase blood circulation in problem areas, reduce pain and soreness of the soft tissues. The results of daily massage with roller are: increased mobility, flexibility, better overall feeling especially in such sensitive zones as neck and lower back, relaxing and de-stressing effect after a tiring workday.

Massage roller + sports

Massage roller has a positive effect when used before and after a workout.  Warm-up your entire body in just 3 minutes: prepare all the muscle groups and soft tissue for the major exercises. Use the roller the days after to release stored lactic acids, smooth out knots and remove the trigger points. Unlike smooth rollers, the projection zones of 321 STRONG roller penetrates inside the muscle tissue where a therapist’s fingers can’t reach. Daily exercises will prevent pulled muscles and injuries.

Another great way to apply the roll is to lie down and put it under your neck. Stay in this position for about 10 minutes and feel the neck pain go away. People who suffer from osteochondrosis will find it especially helpful.

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